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April 30, 2018



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In Ashi Wash, a giant talking foot crashes through the roof of the player's house and demands to be cleaned. The player has three minutes to clean all the filth off the foot and there are various tools scattered around the house to do the job. Ashi Wash also includes a VR mode.


Ashi Wash started out as an entry for "My First Game Jam: Summer Edition." The idea of the jam was to try something new, so Two Glass Hams used it as an opportunity to learn the Unreal Engine, which none of them had any prior experience with. The three of them plus Alex Zakon spent two weeks on the game, then submitted the game on a Friday to the submission page on Itch.io. Over the weekend, they noticed the game started getting attention from YouTubers and Rock, Paper, Shotgun asked to write a short article about the game. They felt inspired by that, so over the following week Two Glass Hams put in a little more work into the game to bring it closer to their original vision. For the next year and a half, that version of the game was downloaded over 30,000 times on Itch.io and viewed over 20 million times on YouTube. Meanwhile, Julian, Matt, and Troy were experimenting with new game prototypes and new game modes for Ashi Wash. They were even given two Vive kits from Epic Games, which encouraged them to experiment with Virtual Reality. In March of 2017, Julien Annart and Olivier Bogarts asked if they could present Ashi Wash in their Belgian games art exhibit called Quai10. Two Glass Hams worked on a custom version of Ashi which included new graphic assets, controller support, and subtitle translations. By the Fall of 2017, Julian, Matt, and Troy were seriously considering "doing game dev for real," and made it their goal to release a new version of Ashi Wash commercially. By January 2018, Two Glass Hams was presenting Ashi Wash to the public at the local indie game meetup, Juegos Rancheros.


  • clean a giant foot in VR (HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality)
  • clean a giant foot again, but not in VR
  • full voiced dialog
  • English subtitles (non-VR mode only)
  • puns
  • change the music by swapping out vinyl records
  • local leaderboard


Promotional Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (49MB)
Ashi Wash Box.png


Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in Quai10's Gaming Out Exhibit." Charleroi, Belgium. April 1st-30th, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Man, this was freakin' awesome!"
    - Kevin Edwards, GamingWithKev
  • "I love the design of it, it looks beautiful. It plays really well."
    - Asher, The 8-Bit Ninja
  • "I'd like to propose Ashi Wash as the new video game gag gift standard. No longer should we have to settle for bargain bin fodder like Bad Rats. Ashi Wash is grating and inexpensive, but it's also deliberate, well-crafted, and genuinely fun."
    - Richard Alvarez, Notable Releases
  • "When a supernatural giant stinky foot appears through the roof and demands you clean it, you had better listen."
    - Alice O'Connor, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

About Two Glass Hams

Two Glass Hams is a three-person indie game studio based in Austin, TX. Julian Francis handles art, Matt Murphy handles programming, and Troy Grooms handles audio. We strive to create games that bring both juvenile joy and serious contemplation to the player.

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