Two Glass Hams
Based in Austin, TX

Founding date:
July 30, 2016


Press / Business contact:


Ashi Wash

PO Box 201802
Austin, TX 78720-1802

You may request a phone number via email.


Two Glass Hams is a three-person indie game studio based in Austin, TX. Julian Francis handles art, Matt Murphy handles programming, and Troy Grooms handles audio. We strive to create games that bring both juvenile joy and serious contemplation to the player.


Early history

Julian Francis and Matt Murphy were raised in Austin and are old high school friends. They taught themselves game development by making quirky little games together and participating in game jams. Troy Grooms grew up in a little town in Arkansas and was a video game nerd. He went to college in Nashville to study audio engineering technology with the goal of working in music studios, but by the end of his college career he realized that his true passion was in video games. After graduating in 2013, Troy moved to Austin, TX, aspiring to become a sound designer for games. He worked a restaurant job for a while before becoming a Jr. Sound Designer at "The Sound Dept" where he worked alongside game audio veterans Randy Buck and Marc Schaefgen on projects like "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection" and the VR game "Final Approach." Meanwhile, Troy was also participating in game jams and it was at the 2015 Global Game Jam where Julian and Troy first met. They admired each other's work, stayed in touch, and worked on a few little game ideas in their spare time.

After that

In the Summer of 2016 Julian and Matt learned about a neat little game jam called "My First Game Jam: Summer Edition." The game jam rules were simply that entrants must do something they've never done before. Julian mentioned this game jam to Troy and Troy expressed interest in working with him and Matt during the jam. The three of them decided to make a game using the Unreal Engine, which none of them had any prior experience with. A fourth person, Alex Zakon, also participated in the jam. He initially joined to learn how to make art assets for games, but his most significant contribution would wind up being the voice of The Foot. So with the team of four assembled, they made the first version on Ashi Wash in two weeks and uploaded it to Itch.io under the name Julian and Matt had been using for their small joint projects - Two Glass Hams. Over the next couple days, the team realized that their game was receiving attention from YouTubers and getting a lot of downloads, so they put one more week of work into the game to add and polish things they didn't have time for during the actual jam. That version of Ashi Wash received over 30,000 downloads on Itch.io and over 20 million views on YouTube. This was exciting for the Two Glass Hams team and encouraged Julian, Matt, and Troy to continue working together making games.



Ashi Wash Promotional Video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in Quai10's Gaming Out Exhibit." - Charleroi, Belgium. April 1st-30th, 2017

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