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"Man, this was freakin' awesome!"

"I love the design of it, it looks beautiful. It plays really well."
-The 8-Bit Ninja

"I'd like to propose Ashi Wash as the new video game gag gift standard. No longer should we have to settle for bargain bin fodder like Bad Rats. Ashi Wash is grating and inexpensive, but it's also deliberate, well-crafted, and genuinely fun."
-Notables Releases

"When a supernatural giant stinky foot appears through the roof and demands you clean it, you had better listen."
-Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Long ago in Japan, it is said that there was a certain mansion. Every so often, a strange thing happened in this place: a yokai in the shape of a giant foot appeared and demanded to be cleaned. If the resident cleaned the foot, the foot left peacefully. However, if the foot was not cleaned, then the foot stomped throughout the house and destroyed everything!

Ashi Wash is our take on this Japanese folktale.

In Ashi Wash, you have three minutes to clean the giant foot. There are tools scattered throughout the house to help you. Get crackin'!
Also included in the download is a Virtual Reality version of the game. We know you've dreamed of cleaning a giant obnoxious foot in VR and your dreams are about to come true.