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The Story of Two Glass Hams

Two Glass Hams started with Julian Francis and Matt Murphy, two high school friends in Austin, TX making video games for fun. Game jams were entered, weird little experimental games were made, and a few games were even uploaded up to the internet (including Last Meal).

In the summer of 2016, Julian and Matt decided to enter a two week long game jam and brought on Troy Grooms to do sound design. The game they finished was called Ashi Wash and they were all proud of it, and that was that. Or so they thought!

Ashi Wash quickly got attention. Killscreen and Rock, Paper, Shotgun both wrote articles about the funny little game and it was getting some buzz on Twitter and Youtube. Two Glass Hams put in an extra week of work into the game and released a more polished foot washing experience. Youtubers flocked to the game and Ashi Wash has now been viewed on Youtube over 20 million times.

The success of Ashi Wash has inspired us to continue making games. We want to create weird software that brings both juvenile joy and serious contemplation to anyone who plays them.